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About Sensitive Teeth

How Sensodyne Works

Sensodyne toothpastes work in one of two ways to relieve the pain of sensitive teeth. This depends on the product's active ingredient, which can either occlude the dentine or act on the nerve in your tooth.  The active ingredients used are Strontium (e.g. Sensodyne Original, Sensodyne Rapid Relief), Potassium (e.g. Sensodyne Daily Care) and patented NovaMin™ technology (Sensodyne Repair and Protect).

Potassium Nitrate

The potassium ion in Sensodyne toothpaste depolarizes the nerve and protects it from firing. The nerve impulses do not reach the brain and the resulting pain is stopped.

Twice daily brushing with Sensodyne toothpaste will help to relieve the pain of sensitive teeth and help protect sensitivity from coming back.


Sensodyne Rapid Relief and Original contains strontium acetate and strontium chloride respectively.

The strontium in Sensodyne Rapid Relief and Sensodyne Original blocks the exposed tubules within the dentinal tissue. This prevents the flow of the fluid within the tubules that would otherwise cause tooth pain.

NovaMin™ Technology

Sensodyne Repair & Protect contains advanced, patented NovaMin™ technology, which is proven to help repair sensitive teeth by forming a mineral layer over exposed dentine to help block tubules. It helps to repair vulnerable areas that cause the occasional twinges of sensitivity, with twice daily brushing.

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Please check with your dentist to ensure that any discomfort that you are experiencing is due to tooth sensitivity.

*Sensodyne Repair & Protect provides proven relief with twice daily brushing.